Bellezza is a universal word for beauty which originates from Italian and Spanish. Bellezza translate to fineness, fairness and loveliness, the exact qualities we encapsulate in all our products

The Bellezza team, Hayley, Karin and Gill work as a small family with the same core values. We strive for quality in our product delivery, brand consistency, as well as integrity in our interactions with our customers and suppliers alike.

The Bellezza range is synonymous with classic, bespoke luxury items. Imported, high quality fabrics are combined with precise South African workmanship to ensure absolute quality.

Our lines evolve steadily as we source new designs and colours inspired by the latest catwalk trends. We call them Luxury Basics –  items in your wardrobe that transcend a season.

We source and print our fabric in small quantities keeping our products unique.


Our label only works with the finest of materials, namely, silk and cashmere.

These fabrics are not produced locally in South Africa and therefore have to be imported.

We source our Silk from China, the oldest Silk producer.

Our Cashmere is sourced exclusively from Inner Mongolia, an area universally acknowledged as the origin of the finest cashmere. 


Team started with Hayley and Gill looking for the perfect Silk Kaftan for Island holidays. Bellezza started as a hobby which gave Hayley and Gill a creative outlet and reason to travel together. They wanted to do things they have never done before and go places they had never been before. Since this hobby blossomed into a business, Karin joined the Bellezza team.


Gill has a full time job and is therefore removed from the day-to-day runnings of the business.

However, she still helps out where she can and loves travelling with the Bellezza girls on buying trips.  With a keen eye for quality and an innate sense of style, Gill is a real asset when sourcing new items.

Bellezza is a hobby that provides Gill with a real creative outlet. She has also found a Cape Town Sister in Karin.

And as Gill always says, “ If you rest, you rust!”.


Hayley is a Chartered Accountant, working as Bellezza’s financial director. She has a keen interest in investing money and assisting others with their financial planning.

Hayley is a naturally adventurous go-getter. Although this mother of two keeps a full time job, she jumped on the opportunity to jet off to China and start her side hustle.

Bellezza offers Hayley an artistic outlet and an opportunity to experience girls’ trips. It ticks all the boxes.


Karin joined the team in 2016. Her passion, past experience in the german textile industry and taste for excellence has elevated our offering.

Karin’s knowledge of fine fabric and design make her an asset when exploring international markets for new products. Her passions are classic fashion and sustainably beautiful interiors.

And for Karin, Bellezza has given her an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with customers and suppliers.

Supporting the African market

Bellezza works with local artists and textile manufacturers to bring their garments to life.

Our silk scarves are designed by Sidney Nyabeze, an incredibly talented Zimbabwean artist. We are proud to have collaborated with Sidney. His unique style and exceptional eye for detail have won him  local and international awards.

Our local artists are paid for a design, but also receive a royalty every time their designs are used. We believe that all artists should own a stake in their work.

As South Africans, it’s our duty to contribute to the Western Cape’s long standing textile and CMT industry. We therefore use local manufacturers where and when we can.

Manufacturing silk garments is notoriously difficult, with the slippery fabric known to pucker when stitched. This means working with one of Cape Town’s top CMTs. Although they charge top dollar, the result is immaculate quality to match that of any international brand. We are incredibly proud of the quality that comes out of cape Town’s textile CMT industry.

Our cashmere and silk kaftans are packed in gift boxes, which are made from recycled cardboard in Cape Town, the Cashmere Cedar Wood Hearts are manufactured in Knysna where much of our indigenous forests grow.

Limiting waste

Our cashmere and silk kaftans are packed in recycled cardboard gift boxes.

Buying Trips

Travelling to China and Inner Mongolia is a love hate relationship. Our sourcing and buying trips are stimulating and exciting, but also hectic and challenging.

Every part of every city in China bustles with activity. And the vast distances between cities within the country presents a recurring challenge.

Each day begins at 6am and ends around 11 pm. On an average day, we walk 15Km, getting lost in famously huge markets.

Ordering food is no easy task either, with western restaurants and English menus rare. We have had to learn to communicate with our hands, using body language and Google translate.

Despite these difficulties, the allure of China will keep us coming back. We have successfully built up a network of contacts who we can now call friends. See you soon China.